MSI Creator PS321URV Monitor review 1

MSI’s PS321URV is a monitor designed with creators in mind. It’s big, has a fantastic display and it’s excellent for multi-tasking.

Obviously, you can use it for other things like gaming, however, it’s held back by its 60hz refresh rate. The monitor is best when using creative software like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, or even digital audio workstations like FL Studio 20. 

This is a 4K UHD monitor with impressive colour accuracy that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a monitor for creative works, you’re going to love the PS321URV.


MSI’s PS321URV monitor costs $1,300.


The PS321URV is a big monitor measuring 32 inches. This size allows for a large screen that’s great for multi-tasking and having several windows open simultaneously. 

I found the larger screen made working with complicated software like FL Studio 20, Photoshop and Premiere Pro significantly easier to navigate. There’s a lot of space to work in. It’s great. 

The monitor has a 178° viewing angle, and it supports Total Tilt, which means you can adjust the monitor vertically (0-100mm). It also has a swivel stand that allows you to adjust the screen 35° left or right, and it has a -5° to 20° tilt screen tilt. It’s easy to get the PS31URV just how you want it. The design works well.

If you like flashy lights with your computer setup, the PS321URV has a circular LED on the back that looks unique and classy. 

The PS321URV has a good amount of ports on its left side and underneath. I particularly appreciated the card reader that allowed me to transfer photos from my camera directly to my PC via the monitor. 

For display connectivity, the monitor has 1x Display Port (DP 1.2), 2x HDMI (2.0) ports and 1x Type C (DP) port. 

It also has 3x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A ports and 1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type B ports. 

There’s a mic-in port and a headphone-out port as well. Everything you need is here, and the ports are easy to access.

Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t have an in-built camera for video calls, and it also doesn’t have any in-built speakers. Which felt like a missed opportunity, especially for collaborative works where video calls might be required. 

MSI Creator PS321URV Monitor review 2


It’s clear that MSI has targeted animators, video editors and creatives, with the Creator PS321URV monitor. It’s in the name for a reason. While you can use this monitor for other purposes like gaming, creative pursuits are where it works best. 

With this monitor, MSI has sacrificed a high refresh rate for impressive colour accuracy and smooth imagery. This is a 4K UHD monitor (3940×2160), and it looks fantastic.

Images are clear and crisp. The monitor has a 4ms response time, which prevents blurring of fast-moving images, and while it’s not as fast as top tier gaming monitors, it works well.

It has a maximum brightness of 400nits which I found was plenty in a dark room. However, direct sunlight on the screen did cause some issues. I appreciated that the monitor came with a magnetic hood that can easily be put around the top and sides of the screen to block out sunlight. It’s a nice addition and it helped prevent this from happening.

The colour accuracy and detail that the PS321URV can reproduce is very impressive. It has a 98% sRGB rating meaning it’s 98% accurate when showing colours on the standard red, green and blue colour space. It can also reproduce 95% of the colours on the Digital Cinema Initiatives – Protocol 3 (DCI-P3). Basically, the colours it produces are incredibly accurate.

When editing images with Photoshop, colours look vibrant, it’s easy to see the differences in similar colours. Making precise alterations or changes to photos and videos was significantly easier than my old monitor. It’s great. 

It only has a 60Hz refresh rate which isn’t ideal for gamers looking to get 120fps. However, it’s plenty if you’re mainly using it for Photoshop or Premiere Pro. 

MSI Creator PS321URV Monitor review 3


The MSI Creator PS321URV monitor is a great monitor for creative purposes.

It’s large, so you can easily space out complicated workflows, it has near flawless colour accuracy and produces clear sharp 4K images. 

For gaming, the PS321URV is held back by its 60hz refresh rate, but this helps to keep the cost down, and if you’re a creator looking for a monitor that can keep up with your workflow, you’ll love the PS321URV.