A number of major global websites went down late Tuesday night for about an hour after Fastly, a global CDN (content delivery network), experienced disruption in its services. 

The cause of this disruption is rumoured to be a service configuration which blocked access for multiple websites to the server. 

Fastly supports news websites like RNZ, TVNZ’s on demand services, Trade Me, global news giants like CNN, The Guardian, and The New York Times, and streaming platforms like Hulu and Twitch. All of which were affected during the outage but are now back online.

RNZ and Trade Me reported that their websites went down at 9:46 pm. RNZ was back up by 10:27 pm, while Trade Me took another 45 minutes to get its website back up.

In a statement made on their website, Fastly reported that the issue with CDN had been resolved and all of the affected websites are back up although some clients might experience longer loading times for a while.

The hubris from Fastly’s previous tweet is very real, though.