Welcome to theBit post

You’re probably wondering what theBit is. 

To answer that, allow me to take you on, er, a bit of a journey.

Technology, as you’ve probably realised, is ingrained in our daily lives more than ever before. It’s in our hands and on our wrists. In our pockets and bags. On our kitchen benches and bedroom walls. It’s even on our roads and wirelessly weaving its way over our skies. Simply put, technology is everywhere in New Zealand.

Apart from on the web. Here it’s a different story. For whatever reason, there isn’t a committed technology website serving the New Zealand population. theBit, we hope, is that site.

We will bring you the latest breaking technology news (as it happens) in a simple and easy-to-digest format, written in plain English, using minimal jargon. We will click “publish” as quickly as possible – as soon as we know something, you’ll know something.

This, we hope, will ensure we create energetic content that technology professionals, enthusiasts and even noobs can understand and enjoy.

Alongside breaking news, we’re going to publish thought-provoking (hopefully) opinion pieces about the latest trends: The moral responsibility of Big Tech. 5G’s underwhelming debut. The benefits/shortcomings of the Blockchain. And the need for digital privacy and our complicated relationship with online advertising giants like Facebook and Google – this, for example, is something I’ll personally be banging the drum (and my keyboard) about.

Speaking of which, you’re probably wondering where are all the ads on theBit.nz? Well, there aren’t any. Our launch has been sponsored by Centrality which has the same desire to create a dedicated NZ-focused technology website to *independently* report and comment on all the excellent (and not so excellent) things our industry is responsible for.

Sound good? We think so. But we can’t do it alone. If you’re a reader, we want your feedback. If you’re a tech company, we want your stories. So get in touch. 

Seriously. You can reach me at david[.]court@thebit[.]nz or find me on Twitter @davidcourt86 

Oh, one more thing, make sure you follow @thebitnz (we could do with the followers) and spread the aroha. ?