Vodafone launches its ‘Unlimited 4G Broadband’, which is now available on a 12-month term, including a modem (RRP NZ$249), for NZ$55 per month to Vodafone customers with an Endless mobile plan in 4G network applicable areas. 

National calling is available for NZ$10 per month as an additional feature and can be activated on the customer’s existing home phone number.

David Redmore, acting Consumer Director, Vodafone NZ says, “Just as most New Zealanders don’t own a Tesla, they don’t need blisteringly fast or expensive internet either – but increasingly they do want unlimited data and the certainty that they won’t hit their capped data limit.”

This might be a jab at Chorus, who recently introduced their 8GB per second Hyperfibre connection.

Vodafone’s wireless plans use modems that directly connect to mobile networks making them easy to set up straight out of the box. 

“Wireless broadband is particularly popular with renters and people who don’t want to install cabling to their home,” added Mr. Redmore.

Vodafone customers currently on 300GB/600GB Wireless plans can upgrade to Unlimited 4G Broadband using their current modems and without any additional charges if they are in the applicable coverage area.

This wireless broadband plan is available to most of rural and urban New Zealand. More information is available on Vodafone’s coverage area map.

Earlier this year, Vodafone was found guilty of misleading its customers by branding its wireless broadband connection ‘FibreX’

The telco giant was found guilty under nine charges of the Fair Trade Act and is set to be sentenced later this year.