Twitter has launched Twitter Blue, its first paid premium subscription, in Canada and Australia today exclusively on the iOS App Store.

For CA$ 3.49 or AU$ 4.49 per month, Twitter Blue provides a plethora of features like the ‘Reader Mode’, which clumps large threads of tweets into compiled and easy-to-read text.

It also adds an ‘Undo’ feature which will let you retract tweets before they go live with a 30-second timer. People with active subscriptions will also have access to new theme options as well as the ability to change colour of Twitter’s app icon and a bookmark feature that lets you group tweets and save them for easy access. 

Subscribers also get access to dedicated ‘subscription’ customer support. This is exclusively for subscription issues and does not expedite abuse or harassment claims. These claims would still go through the same channels as it does for non-subscribers.

Twitter says that they chose to launch Twitter Blue in Canada and Australia solely because they consider these markets to be the ones with the most ‘super users’ – the consumers with high engagement rates – and a lot of user diversity. This would give them a better understanding on how the subscription would fare globally.

Twitter Blue is not yet available in New Zealand and no specific timeline has been given by Twitter for a global launch.