You can’t accuse Apple of being a company in a hurry when it comes to introducing OLED technology. 

Yes, it’s been on iPhones for six years, but even that was playing catch up with Android. And according to a new leak, the company is going to be equally sloth-like in bringing the not-especially cutting-edge screen tech to iPads and Macs.

The leaker Revegnus has posted what he or she claims to be Apple’s OLED roadmap — though it’s less of a road and more of a slow hiking path, given the slow speed of adoption suggested.

As has been suggested before, the 11- and 13in iPad Pros are set to get their OLED screens first mid way through 2024

After that, Apple’s OLED elves will take an unearned breather, and not returning with more panels until the start of 2026 with the 14- and 16in MacBook Pros. Then, intriguingly, we’re tipped to get a 20in (!) foldable iPad halfway through the year, for anybody whos’ dreamed of carrying a tablet the size of a small TV around with them.

By the start of 2027, Apple will finally be ready to bless its cheaper 13- and 15in MacBook Air laptops with OLED technology. 

Last, and kind of least, OLED screens will finally appear on the iMac family of all-in-one computers at the end of 2027. Intriguingly, Apple will apparently be mixing up the screen sizes again, with 21, 27 and 32in flavours of OLED panel listed. And if you can wait a little longer, there will apparently be a positively loopy sounding 42in iMac in 2028 for those who actively dislike portability.

Suffice it to say, there are reasons not to take this leak as gospel, even if you are a fully paid up member of the Church of Apple. For starters, there’s no way of knowing if the leak is authentic. But even if it is, we’re talking about a five-year roadmap, and there are all kinds of ways that plans can change over that time. 

Still, if you’re holding off on buying an iMac in the hopes that Apple will release an OLED model next year, this is as good a reason as any to quit waiting and just get the computer you want today.