Fed up with Samsung only releasing ‘amateur’ smartwatches, and offering nothing ‘professional’ for the wrist? Well, according to SamMobile, Samsung could be amending that with an upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

How would you make a smartwatch Pro, exactly? Well, the site’s sources didn’t reveal that much, but it sounds like whatever it is will need a lot of juice. 

According to the site, and confirmed via Korean certification, the battery planned for this smartwatch has a capacity of 572mAh. While that’s only about a sixth of the size of an iPhone 13’s cell, it is nearly 60% larger than the 361mAh battery squeezed into the current Galaxy Watch 4.

Unless Samsung has quietly invented a time machine and shipped a battery back from the future, that would mean a bigger physical watch to compensate. To that end, perhaps the theoretical Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be a rugged adventure watch, designed for active sorts who need things like constant GPS tracking and a big chunky shell to protect against dents and dings. Notably, Apple has reportedly been mulling something like that for its wearable at some point.

Of course, a battery capacity increase could just be to give more sedate owners a bit more time between charges, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. While the Galaxy Watches of old used to offer a solid two to three days, reviews of the Galaxy Watch 4 suggest it struggles to hit the two-day mark and is a bit inconsistent. That may be something to do with the move to Wear OS and away from Samsung’s Tizen, but whatever the reason, a bigger battery will undoubtedly help.

That’s if it happens, of course. According to SamMobile’s sources, it’s “not 100% confirmed” that the Pro version of the Galaxy Watch will be released, and we may just end up with regular and Classic models like with the last generation. 

Given said generation only became available seven months ago, we may have a little while before we find out what Samsung has up its figurative and literal sleeve…