Vodafone will discontinue its TBox cable TV services and replace them with Sky’s MySky TV services by July 10, 2021.

The company has been transitioning customers out of the TBox cable TV services which uses the DOCSIS 2.0 modem for about six months now and is moving them to modern television services. Vodafone says that there are about 1500 customers left who still use this outdated service.

David Redmore, acting Consumer Director, Vodafone New Zealand, says, “Over the past six months we’ve been directly contacting customers who still use this old, legacy equipment to let them know that Sky will be calling them to book a technician visit and install the latest Sky TV Box at no cost to them at all. Sky’s MySky TV Box offers all the features TBox customers enjoyed, plus a lot more, and we believe is the best like-for-like replacement option for TBox customers.”

Vodafone also plans to upgrade outdated phone or broadband services these customers use to modern ones but information about the exact specifications of these upgrades are not yet revealed.

The migration from DOCSIS 2.0 is what Vodafone is focusing on right now but it encourages customers to move from the DOCSIS 3.0 services too as it is set to discontinue in 2022.