Facebook is planning to introduce its podcast feature on June 22.

This information, according to a report on the Verge, was sent to selected podcast creators that have Facebook pages via email. 

Podcasters can now link their RSS feed with their Facebook page and their new shows will show up in the feed.

Podcasts will now appear in a new tab on the page with the list of all the available shows.

Given the current popularity of audio-based platforms, Facebook entering the podcast market is no surprise. But this is not the only audio-based feature Facebook is planning to introduce. It also plans to release Soundbites, a feature that lets you post short-form audio. Information on how exactly this feature works is still thin.

This news comes as Spotify and Apple announced their in-app subscriptions for podcasts. Both the platforms have a large library of shows to choose from and a large number of exclusive content creators. Spotify reportedly paid US$100 million for Joe Rogan to host his podcast exclusively on their platform.

There is no information about the launch lineup of shows on Facebook’s podcast platform yet.