Lenovo transparent laptop

Lenovo is expected to reveal its transparent laptop concept at MWC 2024, and another look at a leaked press image shows no keyboard and a stylus, suggesting a touchscreen keyboard is in store.

Revealed by reliable leaker Evan Blass, we see two Lenovo laptops with transparent displays. One shows off the Windows 11 wallpaper, indicating the concept laptop will run on Windows – as with nearly all Lenovo laptops.

According to the leaked image, Lenovo may opt for a touch-sensitive keyboard instead of a physical one. We see a flat, screen-like panel on its base, which could be akin to the virtual keyboard on the dual-screen Lenovo Yoga Book 9i when you remove its physical keyboard.

There’s also a stylus placed next to the transparent laptops, which means users will potentially be able to draw, write, and sign using the see-through display or the keyboard panel. I would suggest the latter, as I imagine smudges on a transparent screen isn’t ideal.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of the Lenovo transparent laptop, as WindowsReport revealed press images of the concept earlier this month. Similarly, images showed a bezel-less display and the chin that supposedly houses the main specs. However, we also see that it’s tipped to be part of the Lenovo ThinkBook lineup.

Lenovo’s transparent laptop is still just a concept (similar to the Dell Luna Concept), so this may not be what the final product looks like if it ever sees the light of day. Transparent displays aren’t anything new, as we’ve recently seen the LG Signature T transparent OLED TV be revealed at CES 2024.

As Blass suggests, Lenovo is preparing to reveal its transparent laptop concept during Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, taking place on February 26.

It will be interesting to see how Lenovo markets this concept, as transparent laptop displays may not be as useful as see-through TVs that can hide in plain sight. The company already showed a rollable laptop prototypes during MWC 2023 (via The Verge), which could extend the display at a touch of a button. However, this has yet to come to market, and there’s no word if it ever will.

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