Microsoft has issued a DMCA complaint to take down the download links for the ‘leaked’ Windows 11 OS.

First reported by Neowin, Microsoft’s Japanese wing lodged the DMCA complaining to take down a download portal by who they claimed were distributing the unreleased software.

[Picture courtesy – Neowin]

The complaint reads, “’s article is distributing ‘Windows 11 ISO’ (copyrighted to Microsoft). Please remove their article from the search.”

With Microsoft holding its Windows Event later this week (3 am NZ time on Friday 25 June) where this new OS will most probably be unveiled, it is understandable that they want to unveil their new product as a whole package. But, does this DMCA strike finally confirm that the new OS is going to be named Windows 11?

The leaked build was focused on the cosmetic changes that could be expected. It was labelled as an early build (21996) and thus is most probably not the final release version.