Plenty of us have upgraded our home offices over the past two years of utter misery/glorious isolation, but if you’re fed up with using a daisy-chained collection of monitors for multitasking, LG has an unusual looking all-in-on solution for you.

Meet the LG DualUp: a 27.6-inch screen with a unique tall and thin 16:18 aspect ratio designed to body shame all the ultra-wide monitors out there. According to LG, it provides “the same screen real estate as two 21.5-inch displays and has a vertical split view function that lets users see more in one glance.”

That’s clearly aimed at multitaskers used to jumping between Slack conversations and Excel/PhotoShop/Word/YouTube, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll have to sacrifice much else to embrace this strange new design. The sharp 2,560 x 2,880 display boasts a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, can hit up to 300 nits of brightness and covers 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, too.

Other than being built for multitasking, there are a few other possible benefits to the unusual shape, some of which are certainly more convincing than others. 

While it’s true that it’ll take up less table space than your average monitor — especially when clamped to your desk via the bundled Ergo stand — the promised health benefits sound a little bit more flimsy. Still, if you’re trying to talk yourself into upgrading, then LG says that the odd aspect ratio “helps reduce side-to-side head movements, the main cause of neck pain.” 

Hopefully that means you won’t be shaking your head when you see the price, but that’s up in the air at the moment. Expect to hear more on that front at LG’s virtual CES 2022 show, currently scheduled for January 4 2022.