Back in February, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said he expected seven new Macs in 2022, and so far we’ve only had three. To round that up, as recently as nine days ago, he was predicting a new Mac mini, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro to appear “within the coming months.”

Now it looks like “coming months” could mean as late as “next March.” In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Gurman says that the outstanding Macs will arrive in the first quarter of 2023. And, if he were a better man, then March would be a sensible bet.

“Apple has rarely launched new products in January or February during recent years, so I’d expect the new Macs to be announced by the first half of March,” he wrote.

The main evidence for this change of plan comes from Apple’s recent quarterly financial victory lap where Tim Cook described the product line as “set” for the holiday season, closing the door for a Steve Jobs-style “one more thing.”

Further evidence came from company moneyman Luca Maestri, who said the company expected “Mac revenue to decline substantially year-over-year” for this quarter, because last year was boosted by the redesigned M1 MacBook Pro. In other words, there won’t be an equivalent MacBook this time to keep sales up. Well, that or Apple is planning one that’s so appalling that the company is confident it’ll bomb.

That doesn’t sound likely, especially as Gurman’s insights are that the new Macs will be worth the wait. The new MacBook Pros will keep the same design as the current models, but pack the all-singing, all-dancing M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets. They will pack up to 12 CPU cores and 38 GPU cores, Gurman claims. The Mac Pro, meanwhile, will apparently take those figures up to a maximum of 48 and 156, respectively.

Still, if you were hoping for a new Mac under the Christmas tree this year, you may have to hope for an IOU instead. Or one of the many other Macs Apple currently sells, anyway…