The best-selling smartphones of 2023 are nearly all iPhone models, with the top seven spots being iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 models. The iPhone SE didn’t make the cut.

According to new data from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 14 model takes the top spot as the best-selling phone of 2023, with the US and China taking up half of sales. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro models took second and third, respectively.

Arguably a surprise, the iPhone 13 placed fourth as the top seller, followed the by latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, then iPhone 15. There’s quite a gab between numbers, too, with the iPhone 13 taking up 2.2% of market shares, while the 15 Pro Max making up for 1.7%.

That said, as the report points out, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was the best-selling smartphone of Q4 2023.

Taking up the top seven positions in the global list is a first for Apple, with Samsung making up the rest of the spots. Interestingly, these weren’t Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy S23 Ultra phones. Instead, the last three spots with Galaxy A series phones, including two Galaxy A14 models.

Best selling smartphones of 2023 shares
Best selling smartphones of 2023 shares via Counterpoint

Nearly every iPhone currently sold made the list, except for the iPhone SE. This makes for an interesting case, as the Galaxy A series is Samsung’s affordable-friendly choice compared to its flagship models – much like Apple’s SE lineup. However, even the latest iPhone SE keeps the aging design, which many are put off by.

However, rumours of a redesigned iPhone SE 4 model with an OLED display suggest it may arrive as soon as early 2025. This may see a surge in iPhone SE sales, especially if its price stays the same.

The global research firm tracked sales of individual smartphone models around the globe, leading to the results of the top 10 top-selling smartphone models.

“We expect 2024’s top 10 best-selling smartphones to represent a larger proportion of total smartphone sales as OEMs are focusing on leaner portfolios,” Counterpoint predicts. “Further, we expect Chinese brands to enter the list. And with OEMs increasingly launching 5G-only models, 2024’s top 10 will likely be 5G-only.”

While Android phones make a strong case, it seems Apple’s iPhone still dominates. Moreover, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max already seeing strong sales in December, this may reflect what we can expect in this year’s results.