Logitech Casa-Pop-Up

According to Logitech’s latest survey, New Zealand has embraced hybrid work since the disruptions of 2020. 

The study reveals that Kiwis are more enthusiastic about flexible work arrangements – a mix of in-office, at-home, and on-the-go work – than ever; however, they still face challenges in perfecting it. 

Surveying over 1500 office workers in New Zealand and Australia, Logitech found that 69% of New Zealanders consider themselves “hybrid workers,” surpassing their Australian counterparts at 53% and the global average of 37%.

Fabien Degueldre, General Manager of Logitech New Zealand, highlights the evolving nature of the modern workplace, stating, “Kiwis now spend an average of two days a week working from various locations, including home, coworking spaces, cafés, and out-and-about. Hybrid working is not to be confused with straight ‘working from home’, which overall is on the decline globally. Hybrid is on the up, where working across multiple spaces serves different purposes at different times.”

Surprisingly, though, despite the allure of the hybrid work model, 83% of Kiwis express dissatisfaction with their remote work setups. They find it challenging to concentrate, less comfortable, and less productive away from their usual workstations.

Fabien Degueldre identifies the main obstacle to optimising hybrid work as the tools of the trade. The survey found that if equipped with smarter setups and the right tools, there’s a willingness to increase their remote work hours. 

Degueldre also notes that hybrid-working Kiwis often choose work locations that align with their needs. Some even switch places within their homes throughout the day, necessitating flexible desk setups that can move with them.

Logitech Casa-Pop-Up

In response to these challenges, Logitech has introduced the Casa Pop-Up Desk. This all-in-one workstation includes a wireless keyboard and an intuitive touchpad, neatly stored in a book-like case. It transforms into a sturdy and ergonomic laptop stand, promoting better posture during work and can be folded away.

Degueldre stated that the survey found “Screen position and keyboards were cited as the biggest challenges when working away from a traditional desk, so while people can work outside of the office with a laptop, it can be uncomfortable and frustrating without a smart portable desk solution.”

The Casa Pop-Up desk tries to alleviate those concerns. It’s now available in local retailers for RRP$329.95.