How to get the Google Pixel Buds Pro in NZ

For a long time, Google has struggled to define its place in the smartphone market. The Google Pixel phones were notoriously average, and they never posed much competition to market stalwarts like Samsung and Apple.

That is until the Google Pixel 6 was released. The Pixel 6 was Google’s first flagship phone that lived up to its reputation. So much so that Google swiftly released a successor the Google Pixel 7 and subsequently the Google Pixel 7a.

Frustratingly, none of these devices were officially released in New Zealand. In order to get one, you needed to parallel import the device. Thankfully MightyApe has made that easier than ever.

Now, Google has started releasing accessories to accompany its flagship phone. And like Apple and Samsung with their phones and earbuds, these accessories work best when paired with a Google device. One of these accessories is the Google Pixel Buds.

Similar to the Pixel phones, the Pixel Buds are not being released in New Zealand. To get them you need to parallel import them. Fortunately, thanks to MightyApe, this couldn’t be easier. With that said, it is important to know that since the product is coming overseas, it may start in a different language and require changing to English. However, other than that, it will be like you brought the Buds Pro from a shop here in NZ, there will be no differences.

Read below to find out how to get the Google Pixel Buds Pro in NZ.

How to get the Google Pixel Buds Pro in NZ

How to get the Google Pixel Buds Pro in NZ

Option 1: MightyApe

Previously, parallel importing tech products was often dubious. Vendors and websites frequently inflated prices and it was easy to feel a bit uncertain about whether you’d ever actually receive the product.

The good news is that acquiring the latest Google devices has become much simpler. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro can be brought on the popular and reputable NZ marketplace, MightyApe. Similarly you can purchase the Google Pixel Buds Pro here as well.

How to get the Google Pixel Buds Pro in NZ

The Google Pixel Buds Pro offer an array of impressive features. These are top-of-the-range earbuds that integrate seamlessly with Google’s ecosystem. While they’ll work with other devices, they’re definitely at their best when paired with a Google Pixel phone.

These are comfortable earbuds with an ergonomic fit, the active noise cancellation is very good (ANC) and the 6-hour battery life is decent. They also have premium features like find my earbuds which will allow to accurately locate your earbuds via audio cues using your phone.

The most notable features are how the Buds Pro integrate with Google though. You can instantly access Google Assistant to control playback and check information like the weather or send messages without needing to use your phone. And even more impressive, the Buds Pro can translate conversations in different languages directly into your ear.

If you’re using a Pixel phone, these are the earbuds for you!

How to get the Google Pixel Buds Pro in NZ

Option 2: Big Apple Buddy

You can buy the Google Pixel Buds Pro from

Click here to buy the Google Pixel Buds Pro (USD$200) from Big Apple Buddy

About Big Apple Buddy:

Big Apple Buddy was established with the aim of bridging the gap in international shopping, offering people worldwide the opportunity to directly purchase popular tech products from the United States.

If you’re eager to lay your hands on the latest Google Pixel products, Big Apple Buddy’s concierge service is here to assist you in promptly ordering the Google Pixel Buds Pro.

By partnering with renowned international shipping carriers such as FedEx and DHL, the company ensures that customers can receive their new devices anywhere in the world in as little as a week.

The process is simple – customers visit Big Apple Buddy’s shopping platform, select their desired items, and the company handles the task of sourcing the products from U.S. retailers and shipping them to the customers. This New York-based startup has already garnered a dedicated clientele spanning over 100 countries worldwide. Their customer base primarily consists of professionals and tech enthusiasts who highly value efficiency and convenience.

With just a click of a button, your packages are carefully assembled and dispatched to you. Big Apple Buddy takes care of all aspects of the process – from sourcing orders in America’s largest shopping malls to loading them onto cargo ships for international delivery! They even handle the necessary customs documentation, leaving clients with nothing to worry about except patiently awaiting the arrival of their purchased products.

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