How to buy the Google Pixel 7a in NZ

Google recently announced three new Pixel devices at its annual I/O developer conference. One of those being the Google Pixel 7a.

Google’s “a” models are usually a stripped-down version of the more expensive handset but this time around, the Google Pixel 7a is barely distinguishable from the Google Pixel 7.

It boasts a 64MP camera, a 90HZ display, wireless charging, the same Tensor chip G2 chipset from the Pixel 7 and a decent 4,385 mAh battery.

Unfortunately, though, just like the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 6 before it, Google isn’t planning to release the Pixel 7a here in New Zealand. To get your hands on the device you’ll need to parallel import it.

In the past, doing this could be an issue as imported devices didn’t always work with New Zealand’s carriers like 2 Degrees, Vodafone and Spark. However according to Kimovil, the Google Pixel 7a will work fine here, even with 5G.

There is one drawback to purchasing a parallel import, and that is the lack of equivalent support compared to other countries. Since Google is not officially launching the Pixel 7a in NZ, customer support will be restricted. Additionally, the device may initially start up in a different language, but you can easily switch it to English as the default and it might come with an international plug, but an adapter will do fine. Apart from these factors, the device should function smoothly.

How to get the Google Pixel 7a in NZ?

Option 1: MightyApe

Going back a few years, parallel importing a phone could be a bit scary. It was hard to tell if a seller was legitimate and often the time it took to receive the device was painfully long.

Fortunately, the reputable seller, MightyApe has begun importing Google Pixel devices. The Pixel 7a is available to preorder on MightyApe with an estimated full release date being May 26th.

How to buy the Google Pixel 7a in NZ

Usually, Google’s “a” devices are slightly cut-back versions of the flagship handset, and these cutbacks enable a reduced cost. We see it with Samsung’s FE and Apple’s SE devices. However, at the moment it looks like the Pixel 7a will give the Pixel 7 a run for it’s money.

The 64MB camera is the highest resolution camera we’ve seen on a Pixel device so far and Google claims it’s 72% larger than the 12MP lens found on the Pixel 6a. The 90Hz display is decent for a midrange device and Google claims the battery will last 24 hours or 72 hours with Extreme Battery Saver mode turned on.

The only real differences between the Pixel 7a and the Pixel 7 is the latter has faster charging capabilities, a slightly bigger battery and it’s made out of more premium materials. From what we can see, at this price the Pixel 7a could punch well above its weight.

Option 2: Big Apple Buddy

You can buy a Google Pixel 7a from

Click here to buy the Pixel 7a (USD$500) from Big Apple Buddy

How to buy the Google Pixel 7a in NZ

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