How to change currency (to NZD) on Amazon?

With Amazon’s Australia store delivering to New Zealand, Kiwis can now have thousands of products delivered to their doorstep in 4-5 days instead of waiting 15 days to get their products through Amazon’s global store. But, neither of the stores display product prices in NZD as default. 

This article will cover all the steps to change your checkout currency display preferences to NZD for (Global store) and (Australia).

How to change currency (to NZD) on delivers internationally to over 80 countries. Thus, Amazon has made the store available in multiple languages and also lets the user set their local currency as the default store currency. Here’s how you set NZD as the default currency.


  • Log in and select the delivery location to outside the US and then to New Zealand.
  • Click on the flag next to the search bar to access Language & Currency preferences.
  • Select NZD as the default currency instead of USD.

How to change currency (to NZD) on

Total Time: 1 minute

  1. Set your location

    How to change currency (to NZD) on

    First, you start by setting your delivery location to New Zealand. This can be done either by logging in with an existing Amazon account and selecting a New Zealand address or by selecting ‘Ship outside the US’ and changing it to New Zealand.

  2. Change the default currency

    How to change currency (to NZD) on

    Access the language & currency preferences by selecting the American flag next to the search bar. Scroll down a bit and you see the option to change the default currency. It is set to USD by default and can be changed to one of 64 international currencies. NZD should be at the top as you have chosen New Zealand to be your delivery location.

  3. See prices in NZD

    How to change currency (to NZD) on

    All the products will now be displayed in NZD as soon as it is set to the default currency.

How to see prices in NZD on

This one is a bit of a hack. You can’t change your currency to NZD across the site like you can on the site. Instead, you have to jump ahead to the checkout page to see a price in NZD. It’s madness.

Anyway, here’s how.

1. Similar to the Global website, you can either sign in with an existing account and select a New Zealand delivery address or select ‘Deliver outside Australia’ and choose New Zealand. As Amazon Australia delivers internationally exclusively to New Zealand, that is the only available option.

2. Amazon will automatically curate all the items that are eligible to be delivered to New Zealand. Now select the item you want to purchase and add it to the cart. Keep in mind that the cost of the product is still displayed in AUD, unlike the global store.

3. Move to checkout, add your delivery address, and select your payment method.

The review order page is where Amazon converts your order cost into NZD. The product cost, GST, delivery cost, and the total of the order will all be displayed in NZD.

Which Amazon store should New Zealanders shop at and why?

The choice of the store comes down to one important factor: the availability of the product. Amazon’s global store boasts a much larger product range when compared to Amazon’s Australia store. 

If a product is available in both the stores, it is a no-brainer to go with the Australian store since the product will be delivered much faster (4-5 working days for Auckland and Christchurch) and you will also pay a much lower delivery cost.

If the product is not available at the Australian store, you will have to get it through the Global store. It will take about 15 working days to be delivered at about NZ$15-17 in delivery charges.

Either way, you will be able to know the exact cost you will be paying for your products in NZD by following the above steps.