- Andrew Jackson and SecIntel

A number of app-makers are offering alternative maps allowing users to tour locations of interest linked to the outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

On August 20, the Ministry of Health began publishing data on a Github repository cataloguing locations of interest visited by people with the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. The data is available on Github and contains geocoded locations of interest for COVID-19 outbreaks in New Zealand packaged as CSV and geojson data.

Some of the Covid contact tracing maps Kiwi have developed include:

The Ministry of Health developed its first NZ Covid tracer app with linked QR codes in early 2020, and said in its Contact Tracing Integration Platform document that “While the Ministry has developed the NZ COVID Tracer app and government issued QR codes to support contact tracing, these are not intended to be the only solutions, nor does the Ministry expect the first-party solutions will meet the needs of everyone in New Zealand.” As such, the Ministry is open to exploring ways for developers of third-party solutions to securely contribute the data they have collected.”

Want to make your own map? Grab the data at