Do you think iPhone designs have become a bit stale in the last few years? Well now’s the chance to channel your own Jony Ive and build the iPhone of your dreams (or nightmares) with this brilliantly silly tool

You’re presented with a blank slate — a basic slab of aluminium and glass to make your own. There are all kinds of things you can add to the design via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Some of these will definitely feature in this year’s iPhone 14, like the camera bump, notch, power button and the Lightning port. 

Others — like a rotary dial, click wheel and cup holder — probably won’t, unless Apple really wants to prove its most diligent leakers wrong.

Least likely of all, you can even put the headphone jack back where it belongs. Hell, put seven in, if you like — one for every generation where we’ve had to rely on Bluetooth.

Plus, with camera inflation being what it is, it’s probably only a matter of time before we wake up with this monstrosity in everyone’s pockets.

In short, you can make a Frankenstein’s monster of a handset, mixing elements from different Apple products (the iPod click wheel, the Mac Display’s Pro Stand and the Apple Watch’s digital crown) with antennas, steering wheels and propellers. It really is silly in the best possible way.

The website is the handiwork of creative coder Neal Agarwhal, who shows that you can go from the sublime to the silly very easily in the 25-second video he posted demoing the tool on Twitter. And the wonderful commercially friendly follow-up.

For me, I’ve got something simpler in mind for my dream iPhone. Everyone loves a friendly face, so I present to you the Eye-Phone 14:

Perfect, right? Though I will feel a bit bad about sticking a Lightning cable in my new pal’s mouth with those big doleful eyes staring back at me.

Will Apple unveil something as revolutionary as this at the rumoured launch event on September 7? Doubtful, so you may want to buy a big pack of googly eyes now, just in case.