McDonald’s has been hit by a data breach as hackers make way with employee and customer information in the U.S., Taiwan, and South Korea.

In yet another cyberattack, hackers managed to get into McDonald’s servers and extracted customer phone numbers and delivery addresses along with employee names and contact information in Taiwan and South Korea. The U.S. division had franchisee information like seating capacities and square footage of play areas stolen too.

The international burger chain said that no sensitive information-  like customer payment information – was stolen. The cause of this incident is still being investigated by McDonald’s and has ruled out a ransomware attack. 

This has been in line with the string of global cyberattacks which has disrupted hospitals like the Waikato DHB, multinationals like Microsoft, and many more.  

In a report released by NortonLifeLock, between January 2021 and March 2021, 49.6 million phishing attempts, 46.3 million file-based malware, 686,000 mobile-malware files, and 536,137 ransomware detections were reported. 

During this time, the majority of scams were designed to trick consumers into sharing their personal and financial information in an attempt to steal their money.

McDonald’s said that they cut off the hackers’ access to all their data as soon as the breach was discovered and this helped mitigate the damage to a large extent. They attribute this to their recent investment in cybersecurity defense.