Alan Martin 09/02/2023

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Microsoft is jazzing up Bing with an AI helper

Alan Martin 09/02/2023

Do you miss the days of Ask Jeeves, where you could ask your internet butler anything and have it completely misinterpret the question? Well, Microsoft’s...

Now skiers are triggering Apple’s Crash Detection

Alan Martin 07/02/2023

Remember last year, when it turned out that Apple’s Crash Detection feature — which automagically spot when someone is in a car crash and alerts...

Original iPhone to fetch over NZ$78,000 at auction

Alan Martin 04/02/2023

As a rule of thumb, when you buy a bit of consumer tech, its value has already dropped before you even return to your car....

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra first look: Prepare for RTX 4070 power

Darragh Murphy 02/02/2023

theBit checks out the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 lineup, including the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, boasting up to RTX 4070 GPU power. Samsung is a...

Samsung Galaxy S23 hands-on: It isn’t all about looks

Darragh Murphy 02/02/2023

theBit gets a hands-on first look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus, and they come with a subtle design shake-up that makes...

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands-on: More of the same?

Darragh Murphy 02/02/2023

theBit gets a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but is it all that different from the S22 Ultra? Let’s find out. The...

iPhone designer Jony Ive has rebuilt the Red Nose

Alan Martin 02/02/2023

Jony Ive – the designer known for the iPhone and Mac’s iconic look, and not to be confused with Short Circuit’s Johnny Five – parted...

Exclusive: James Dyson deliberately ignores trends – here’s why

Darragh Murphy 31/01/2023

“People put up with awful products because there’s nothing better.” Dyson founder Sir James Dyson exclusively reveals why he has no interest in following trends...

Samsung Galaxy S23 specs leak in full

Alan Martin 31/01/2023

If you were to ask a Samsung executive about the Galaxy S23, the official line would be “you must mean the S22, because there’s no...

Coca-Cola could have its own smartphone soon

Alan Martin 26/01/2023

Between ‘free’ apps choc-a-bloc with ads, the Google ads that follow you around the internet and the ‘word from our sponsors’ that punctuate podcasts and...