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Huawei Watch D review

Patch Bowen

Huawei’s Watch D is a smartwatch that allows you to measure your blood pressure. It’s easy to use and accurate, comparable to a consumer-grade blood…

Apple Watch Series 7 review: Bigger screen + faster charging = the best smartwatch (still)

David Court

Apple’s trend of evolutionary, not revolutionary, updates continues with the Apple Watch Series 7. It boasts a bigger screen, fast charging, and a very familiar…

Garmin Vivoactive 4s review

David Court

The Vivoactive 4s is a smartwatch that sits in a strange place in the market. It isn’t as fitness focussed or hardcore as Garmin’s Forerunner…

Fitbit Versa 3 review

David Court

For a mid-range watch, cheaper than its competitors, the Versa 3 is trying to focus on fitness and health to attract buyers. And to a…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review

Patch Bowen

The Galaxy Watch Active first came out in March 2019, so it’s one of the older smartwatches on the market now. Meaning it lacks some…

Oppo Watch review: “…it’s fine”

David Court

The Oppo Watch is the Chinese manufacturer’s first attempt at a smartwatch. And it’s a solid effort. Yes, it’s a total rip off of Apple…

Apple Watch SE review

David Court

Those of you who follow Apple launches closely will remember that we first saw an “SE” device back in March 2016 with the first-gen iPhone…