Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: A cheaper flagship that’s more than good enough

Samsung has gone crazy this year. Its already released four S20 smartphones. The NZ$899 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the fifth, and it's the one you should probably buy. Most people don't...
iPhone 12 mini review

iPhone 12 mini review: Punching well above its weight

This is the easiest review I've ever had to do. Why? Because the NZ$1,349 iPhone 12 mini is the same phone as the regular iPhone 12. Just smaller.  …and I reviewed that...
iPhone Pro Max revew - Hero

iPhone 12 Pro Max review: Best of the best

The NZ$2,099 iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best of the best of what Apple can achieve in a smartphone. It's a big and expensive device that won't be to everyone's taste...
iPad Air (2020) review - main

iPad Air (2020) review: Air + Magic Keyboard = Winner

Apple continues its Goldilocks theme. Releasing devices that are ridiculously powerful, but expensive - or affordable, but lacking certain specs. And then, one that is "just right". The NZ$999 iPad Air...
iPhone sizes sketch October 2020

Here’s a sketch of every size iPhone you can buy right now

Options. That's the key word with the iPhone line-up right now. Gone are the days when you could only get the iPhone whatever. Now, you can get the iPhone in a...
Apple Maps to begin six-month survey of New Zealand - main

Apple Maps to begin six-month survey of New Zealand

Apple is improving Apple Maps. Again. Starting on October 15, Apple will begin conducting ground surveys in New Zealand to collect image data in what appears to be a complete overhaul...
Oppo Watch Review

Oppo Watch review: “…it’s fine”

The Oppo Watch is the Chinese manufacturer's first attempt at a smartwatch. And it's a solid effort. Yes, it's a total rip off of Apple Watch from a design perspective. But...
Apple Watch SE review NZ

Apple Watch SE review

Those of you who follow Apple launches closely will remember that we first saw an "SE" device back in March 2016 with the first-gen iPhone SE launched. This was Apple's offering...