Alan Martin 26/08/2022

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Kiwi Youtuber remakes The Simpsons – Hit and Run in a week

Lucy Mullinger 30/08/2021

A remake of the popular 2003 action/adventure game The Simpsons Hit & Run game has rocked the world of video game enthusiasts and it only...

Annie Taunga – Behind the scenes at Weta Digital

Lucy Mullinger 26/08/2021

The Lord of the Rings holds a special place in Annie Taunga’s heart; it was her first visual effects project and the first time she...

Q&A with Hamish McKenzie (the Kiwi co-founder of Substack) on how writers can make good money again

Michael Botur 25/08/2021

Michael Moore joined Substack the other day. So did Dan Rather, Alison Roman, and even Edward Snowden. They join Andrew Sullivan has joined Substack as...

Jannat Maqbool: My career in tech

Lucy Mullinger 29/07/2021

The technology industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades, however, only 26 per cent of employees are females. With this in mind, Techwomen...

Meet Scott Brown – the Kiwi carpenter with 275K subs on YouTube

David Court 13/07/2021

Scott Brown’s face may be familiar to many of you. The Auckland-based carpenter has over 275,000 followers on YouTube, and if you’ve ever searched the...

Ollie Hill has worked at HP for 20 years…now he’s in charge (and he has plans)

Cybella Maffitt 30/06/2021

Most international tech companies exist in the abstract; big, sleek organizations removed from the New Zealand community. Yet Oliver Hill, the Country Manager of HP...

Meet Mitchell Pham: The man responsible for helping the government “understand digital”

Stuart Matthews 18/06/2021

Mitchell Pham is chair of the Orwellian-sounding Digital Council for Aotearoa. Appointed in December 2019, the 49 year old tech entrepreneur leads a now six-strong...