Alan Martin 26/08/2022

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Rewardhub and Linkshop’s Michael Fuyala on connecting publishers, charities and brands: “That’s where the good stuff happens”

Greg Fleming 07/10/2021

After eight years establishing successful digital lifestyle brands for leading NZ media companies, Michael Fuyala handed in his notice and concentrated his energies on two...

Interview with A/NZ Zoom head Michael Chetner – “putting people at the forefront of change”

Greg Fleming 07/10/2021

The pandemic and the overnight move to hybrid working has meant enormous growth for Zoom – whether it be for business, education, entertainment or just...

Interview with CENNZnet’s Nicole Upchurch – on its new Litho NFT marketplace and why she’s a blockchain believer

Greg Fleming 06/10/2021

Nicole Upchurch is CEO of CENNZnet, a New Zealand built public blockchain and Decentralised Application platform and has 15 years of experience transforming some of...

Interview with National Crime Check CEO Martin Lazarevic

Greg Fleming 28/09/2021

No, you don’t need to go to a police station to get a police check.  Australian company National Crime Check is now providing their services...

Interview with cyber security expert Ian Raper – NZ businesses “attacked 580 times a week”

Greg Fleming 23/09/2021

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing space. Plug a vulnerability here and criminals pivot and change their tactics. The growing number of ransomware and DDoS (distributed denial...

Meet Pavan Vyas – the man behind the NZ Covid Tracer app

Greg Fleming 20/09/2021

Pavan Vyas is our quiet tech superstar. He arrived in New Zealand as an immigrant in the mid-90s, found he had a knack for coding...

Shopify’s Shaun Broughton – on innovating in a pandemic, the future of shopping and Kiwis’ love of a side-hustle

Greg Fleming 16/09/2021

For the uninitiated, Shopify isn’t a consumer-facing app you can shop through – although Shopify does have one of those Shop (but more about that...

Interview with Clubhouse’s Aarthi Ramamurthy – “We believe in empowering people”

Greg Fleming 14/09/2021

Video might have killed the radio star but last year audio made a big and unexpected comeback with the arrival of Clubhouse. Clubhouse founders Paul...

Q&A with Pav Hundal – Love it or hate it, Swyftx makes it easy for Kiwis to invest in crypto

Greg Fleming 07/09/2021

There’s no more divisive word in tech at the moment than “cryptocurrency”. Either you see crypto as a giant Ponzi scheme or the future of...

Veteran Kiwi writer Simon Sweetman tried Substack – here’s his verdict

Michael Botur 01/09/2021

Since March 2021, music and pop culture essayist Sweetman has been publishing on Substack multiple times a week – often nearly every day. He told...