Alan Martin 16/02/2022

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If you’re over 30, it’s safer not to use emoji

Alan Martin 13/08/2021

Language can be a tricky thing, even when there shouldn’t be any ambiguity at all. Case in point, during a 1977 jaunt to Poland, President...

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Flip3, Buds2 and Watch4

Patch Bowen 12/08/2021

Samsung announced five new devices going on sale later this year. Samsung, convinced that foldable devices are a growing market, is doubling down on making...

Samsung wants to make foldables mainstream, but can a folding phone beat my apathy?

Alan Martin 06/08/2021

Samsung wants to make foldables go mainstream. The fact that this ambition was nestled in the middle of a 2,097-word press release about the company’s...

Spatial Audio now available on Android… but does anyone care?

Greg Fleming 03/08/2021

Android users that subscribe to Apple Music (rare breeds) can now experience spatial audio too.  The format – powered by Dolby Atmos – was touted...

Is my cryptocurrency investment really just gambling under a more professional name?

Alan Martin 30/07/2021

Outside of Bitcoin zealots, there aren’t many people who would argue that investing in cryptocurrency isn’t a gamble. But is it gambling? I can’t say...

Pegasus: Why the security Vulnerability Market is booming

Stuart MacIntosh 27/07/2021

Pegasus joins a list of ominously-named tools blurring the line between hacking and surveillance for ‘lawful intercept’ purposes, with other notable examples being from the...

Samsung to throw everything at the wall with Galaxy Unpacked, but will anything stick?

Alan Martin 24/07/2021

What are you doing in three weeks’ time? Samsung hopes that on Wednesday 11 August you’ll be tuned in to the company’s live stream for...

Can tech turn transport into a subscriber service?

Stuart Matthews 20/07/2021

Car sharing might solve our addiction to owning our own vehicles suggests Stuart Matthews.

When Yahoo almost saved the world from Facebook

Alan Martin 19/07/2021

Hard as it is to believe, there was a time when Yahoo nearly saved the world. Not with useful search results, you understand, but by...

NZ’s mobile data is the third most expensive in the world (sort of)

Patch Bowen 14/07/2021

New Zealand’s mobile data is the third most expensive in the world. This is according to data from a Tefficient study that analysed mobile data...