Alan Martin 16/02/2022

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Sorry Xiaomi: 4K smartphones are still utterly pointless

Alan Martin 06/10/2021

It’s tough being a smartphone manufacturer. With so little to differentiate one shiny black rectangle from one another (“look: this one has slightly smaller bezels!”),...

5 ways Amazon Astro is better than a real butler (and 5 ways it’s far worse)

Alan Martin 01/10/2021

Say what you like about Amazon (and we have), it’s certainly a company that’s full of surprises.  On Tuesday, the company announced Astro the robot...

AWS comes to NZ – is it really good news?

Greg Fleming 30/09/2021

Maybe it was Covid-fatigue or that strange emotion Kiwis seem to get when Big Tech deigns to notice us – but the announcement last week...

Smart glasses won’t be ubiquitous until they carry an Apple logo

Alan Martin 24/09/2021

So, Facebook is the latest company to try and make smart glasses a thing that people would voluntarily pay money for and then put on...

The iPhone 13 may be a dull update, but boring will prove to be brilliant

Alan Martin 15/09/2021

So, another iPhone event is over. The iPhone 13 has been officially unveiled and it’s hard to get too excited about anything contained within the...

Facial recognition ad tech flunks the creepiness test, but someone will make it work

Alan Martin 13/09/2021

Billboards are a pretty inefficient way of advertising to people, if you think about it.  You plaster pictures of your product on a big poster...

Companies: stop trying to normalise mid-game snacking, please

Alan Martin 03/09/2021

This week, I became aware of a product that 200,000 years of human evolution has led us to. The answer to a greasy gamepad isn’t...

Why Apple should care about silly superstitions

Alan Martin 30/08/2021

Apple Month is nearly upon us! September has seen new iPhones unveiled for the past decade, with one small blip last year when a global...

Boston Dynamics’ viral appeal is undeniable, but where will the money come from?

Alan Martin 20/08/2021

Boston Dynamics has a long history of producing videos that briefly make the internet lose its collective minds, and the latest one is no exception....

Explained: Why Apple’s child abuse AI image-scanning feature is controversial

Greg Fleming 16/08/2021

“Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it’s also one of our core values. Your devices are important to so many parts of your...