Alan Martin 16/02/2022

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If you want to change Spotify policy, first sell 120 million albums

Alan Martin 24/11/2021

As anybody who has ever filled out a feedback form will know, most suggestions — no matter how well intended or sensible — go straight...

What’s with all the weird tech collaborations in 2021?

Alan Martin 22/11/2021

It’s nearly Christmas Party season, which makes it that magical time of year when, under the influence of alcohol and an excess of holiday spirit,...

Now Meta wants to teach our news organisations to “develop better business models”

Greg Fleming 17/11/2021

After a decade of Facebook and Google hammering news organisations globally by effectively taking over the mobile advertising space while using its news content on...

We spent a day looking for Covid and Vaccine disinformation on Facebook: Here’s what we found

Greg Fleming 16/11/2021

Like most of us who believe in science rather than crackpot conspiracy theories, I’d unfollowed the few Facebook friends who – out of the blue...

Facebook is too big to tame or kill

Alan Martin 06/11/2021

Facebook is having a difficult time of it of late. It has weathered storms before — most notably that whole undermining democracy snafu — but...

I’m starting to hate true wireless earbuds

Alan Martin 27/10/2021

AirPod owners aside, I have a question for you: does anybody really, actually like true wireless earbuds?  For those confused by the terminology, “true wireless”...

Tragedy bring out the worst of Twitter (or: you say it best when you tweet nothing at all)

Alan Martin 20/10/2021

I don’t know how much — if at all — the story registered in New Zealand, but last week in Britain, a member of parliament...

Is Facebook even worse than we imagined?

Greg Fleming 19/10/2021

Even those of us who follow the travails of Facebook closely were rocked earlier this month by the revelations uncovered by ex-Facebook employee turned whistleblower,...

Ron’s Gone Wrong can’t decide whether big tech is a problem or solution

Alan Martin 17/10/2021

This is going to be a slightly different column than usual, as it focuses entirely on one movie — and a kid’s one at that....

Should Netflix pay for hogging ISP’s bandwidth?

Greg Fleming 14/10/2021

Whether it’s Squid Game, the new sensation Maid or just a catch-up binge on Selling Sunset, Netflix and other streaming services are hogging up ISPs...