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I’ve never had a VR injury, but I do have one embarrassing tech tale

Alan Martin

Not since Nintendo encouraged people to pretend the Wii remote was a bowling ball have there been so many TV-related accidents.  According to UK insurer…

Google forcing security on people is the right choice, even if it seems like a drag

Alan Martin

Last week, only noticed by the kinds of people that read the company’s Keyword blog posts for fun, Google revealed something pretty incredible. Since last…

The Joe Rogan controversy and how Spotify may regret moving beyond music

Alan Martin

Facebook and Twitter are deeply reluctant to see themselves described as publishers. That isn’t because they’re sticklers for accuracy, but because if that classification were…

Is Twitch streaming a dream career? Not for me

Alan Martin

I should start this off with a disclaimer: I don’t routinely watch Twitch, in the same way that I don’t spend that much time on…

Microsoft’s $100bn purchase of Activision looks like crazy money

Alan Martin

This week, it was revealed that Microsoft plans to spend just over NZ$100 billion on buying Activision Blizzard — a company that’s been more newsworthy…

Why we should all rely a little less on Googling

Alan Martin

In 2015, I apparently made 14,895 Google searches. I’d like to give you an update for 2021, but it seems Google will no longer easily…

No Christmas for crypto

Greg Fleming

If you’ve invested in cryptocurrency, checking your portfolio over the last few weeks won’t bring any seasonal joy. With few exceptions most currencies are down…

AR-gh: Why nobody should welcome back AR glasses

Alan Martin

It wouldn’t be Christmas without tedious reruns, would it? And this week, it seems the rerun in question is “wouldn’t it be great if we…

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is still coming, but is late really better than never?

Alan Martin

Samsung’s will-it, won’t-it drama with the Galaxy S21 FE has swung back once again to ‘will’. Over the weekend, two bits of fairly conclusive evidence…

Apple’s future vision of wireless charging convenience sounds awful (not awfully convenient)

Alan Martin

Remember AirPower? Announced alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in 2017 as a wireless charging pad to fill up all your Apple devices at…