Alan Martin 09/02/2023

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Apple plotting AirPods Lite and a bigger Watch Ultra — analyst

Alan Martin 04/01/2023

If you were to play a Family Feud-style game based on Apple Watch Ultra complaints, you’d be very brave to pick “not big enough” as...

Apple ‘seriously’ concerned with iPhone 14 Plus sales

Alan Martin 31/12/2022

Like most companies with shareholders to wow, Apple doesn’t enjoy failure and is quick to take action when something just isn’t working. To that end,...

Samsung Galaxy S23 promo leak shows off new design

Alan Martin 28/12/2022

It doesn’t take a genius at pattern recognition to predict that Samsung’s next handset will be the Galaxy S23 after the previous few years have...

The iPhone 14 Pro wasn’t as powerful as it should have been

Alan Martin 27/12/2022

Few would claim that Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro was a letdown, but apparently it’s nowhere near as powerful as the company originally envisaged.  That’s according...

Two charged for hacking Ring doorbells to watch swattings live

Alan Martin 23/12/2022

Need a feel-good story to put you in the Christmas spirit? Turn around now: nothing good lies beyond this paragraph. According to the California’s Justice...

We may have seen the last iPhone SE

Alan Martin 22/12/2022

Bad news for Apple fans on a budget — surely the most masochistic of Apple fan, considering the company’s prices. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks...

Elon Musk offers resignation via Twitter poll; Twitter accepts

Alan Martin 20/12/2022

Fifty days into the job, Elon Musk has offered his resignation as CEO of Twitter. He did this, as he seems to conduct all of...

Valve isn’t done with the Steam Deck

Alan Martin 17/12/2022

Anyone who ever bought a Steam Controller, Steam Link or still tries to play Team Fortress 2 will know that, historically, long-term support isn’t exactly...

Apple may allow third-party app stores to appease the EU

Alan Martin 15/12/2022

Apple must really be beginning to dislike the European Union. It’s having to give up on its beloved Lightning port on iPhones due to EU...

The iPhone’s Lightning cable has 747 days to live

Alan Martin 13/12/2022

The end is nigh for Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable. Last year, the European Union proposed that all phones should adopt USB-C — the standard used...