Alan Martin 30/05/2023

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Satellite SOS Connectivity Now Live for New Zealand’s iPhone 14 Users

theBit 15/05/2023

Apple’s innovative Emergency SOS via satellite service is now operational in New Zealand and Australia. Starting today, iPhone 14 users can send messages to emergency...

This 21st century tape recorder is both ridiculous and beautiful

Alan Martin 13/05/2023

What would a portable tape recorder look like in the 21st century? The received answer to that question is “landfill”, but the design obsessives at...

Google unveils a trio of Pixels at I/O

Alan Martin 11/05/2023

Get ready to read the word “Pixel” so much that the word loses all meaning: Google has announced three Pixel devices at its annual I/O...

Amazon Japan accidentally lists the Pixel Tablet early

Alan Martin 09/05/2023

This week, Google kicks off its I/O developers conference where we’re fully expecting to see the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a and Pixel Tablet.  As it’s...

Are dumbphones making a comeback?

Alan Martin 06/05/2023

While smartphones are getting ever more desperate to stand out with a comical number of camera lenses and features nobody really cares about, consumers are...

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external screen could be supersized, with added widgets

Alan Martin 05/05/2023

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series has always been more ‘fancy party trick’ than ‘practical smartphone’. The novelty of folding your phone in half still...

The Google Pixel Fold is just around the corner

Alan Martin 02/05/2023

After years of speculation that Google might be getting aboard the (purely figurative) folding phone train, it looks like a big reveal is just around the...

iPhone 15 release date NZ: When will Apple’s next phone arrive?

Darragh Murphy 01/05/2023

Find out when the iPhone 15 release date may be in 2023.

Siri “widely derided” inside Apple — report

Alan Martin 29/04/2023

It’s always nice to get an insider look at how employees treat products we’re supposed to be excited about.  I always imagined Meta employees found...

Amazon gives up on health tracking

Alan Martin 28/04/2023

The one good thing you can say about bigger tech companies abandoning failed products? They’re embarrassed enough to offer a full refund to those naive...