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Meet Mitchell Pham: The man responsible for helping the government “understand digital”

Stuart Matthews 18/06/2021

Mitchell Pham is chair of the Orwellian-sounding Digital Council for Aotearoa. Appointed in December 2019, the 49 year old tech entrepreneur leads a now six-strong...

The high-tech stocktake New Zealand Police didn’t want you to see

Greg Fleming 16/06/2021

The high-tech stocktake New Zealand Police didn’t want you to see New Zealand policing is playing catch-up with a fast-moving tech world, but privacy campaigners...

Buying a car? Go electric or pay for someone else to

Greg Fleming 15/06/2021

No, Waka Kotahi’s “clean car discount” doesn’t reward tidiness, but it is a way to get more people into electric vehicles and support the government’s...

Spatial Audio: The best (and worse) remixed tracks

Greg Fleming 15/06/2021

After reporting the announcement regarding Spatial Audio last week I figured it was time to check out what Apple calls “the next generation of sound”....

Is Spatial Audio really a game changer for Apple Music?

Greg Fleming 10/06/2021

“The next generation of sound on Apple Music begins now with the official launch of Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio” went the email from Apple’s...

Sharesies vs Hatch fees comparison (…for US shares)

Patch Bowen 10/06/2021

Sharesies and Hatch offer Kiwis largely the same service: the ability to invest in US companies from their smartphones and laptops. The biggest difference between...

How the FBI & NZ police used fake encryption app, ANoM, to sting global crime ring

Greg Fleming 09/06/2021

It’s like something from a movie. The FBI, frustrated by criminals’ use of encryption services, decides to set up its own. That app, called Anom,...

The best high-resolution streaming services in NZ 2021

Patch Bowen 19/04/2021

As today’s headphones and speakers get better and Bluetooth connectivity makes advances, there’s a new desire for hi-resolution audio streaming. The latest audio equipment is...