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Ollie Hill has worked at HP for 20 years…now he’s in charge (and he has plans)

Cybella Maffitt 30/06/2021

Most international tech companies exist in the abstract; big, sleek organizations removed from the New Zealand community. Yet Oliver Hill, the Country Manager of HP...

New Zealand edging closer to digital IDs

Greg Fleming 29/06/2021

The government has been working on digital identity legislation since 2018, one that it envisages will become a legally binding tool to prove you are...

1/4 of New Zealand’s SMEs have been a victim of a cyberattack

Greg Fleming 29/06/2021

While cyber attacks on large corporations, like the recent ransomware attack on the Waikato DHB, make the headlines, smaller businesses are also in the sights...

NZ vs Big Tech: How can little New Zealand regulate Facebook and co?

Greg Fleming 28/06/2021

Announcing a new review of our internet and publishing regulations, under the headline Govt acts to protect NZers from harmful content , Minister of Internal...

Amazon’s $160m rebate from NZ Govt is VERY shortsighted: Here’s why

Greg Fleming 28/06/2021

Do you want to be in the film business? Well, you already are – New Zealand taxpayers money has been subsidising the industry for decades....

Is Hatch or Sharesies better?

Patch Bowen 25/06/2021

Is Hatch or Sharesies better? It's all dependent on how much you want to invest. Sharesies is cheaper for investments $500.

What Spotify’s live audio app Greenroom is really like…

Greg Fleming 24/06/2021

Spotify joined the live audio game last week with Greenroom.  It’s done via a reskinned Locker Room app that Spotify bought in March for an...

NZ agritech ready and waiting to take on the world

Greg Fleming 23/06/2021

The annual Fieldays – is more than just an excuse for John Campbell and the TVNZ Breakfast team to don Swanndris and talk to salt-of-the-earth...

What is IRL? Meet the social messaging and events app eating Facebook’s lunch

Alan Martin 22/06/2021

IRL borrows Facebook functionality to a demographic that Facebook can’t reach.

NZ Police STILL policing themselves with use of controversial Clearview AI

Greg Fleming 18/06/2021

Clearview AI, one of the high-tech surveillance tools used by New Zealand Police, continues to be mired in controversy. Canada has banned it and both...