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Crypto wallets explained

Greg Fleming

Ok, so after reading about it all year long and hearing tales of easy wealth and the future possibilities of the blockchain, DAOs and NFTs,…

Police put live facial recognition on pause – for now

Greg Fleming

For once, not being up with the latest tech is a good thing – according to the authors of a new 85-page report on facial…

National’s all ears in fixit tech strategy

Greg Fleming

A day before she was rolled as National’s leader, Judith Collins released – via YouTube – National’s “big fix” for the technology sector. In it…

Streaming wars: NZ broadcasters face-off in battle for viewers

Greg Fleming

This month Netflix gave us an insight into how dominant it has become in the streaming-video-on-demand (SVOD) space, releasing a weekly report that details the…

Now Meta wants to teach our news organisations to “develop better business models”

Greg Fleming

After a decade of Facebook and Google hammering news organisations globally by effectively taking over the mobile advertising space while using its news content on…

Crypto goes to Hollywood

Greg Fleming

Seeing Matt Damon front an ad for cryptocurrency exchange this week, was not only a smart marketing flex for the company, but an indication…

Everything MOH is willing to tell us right now about the upcoming My Vaccine Pass app

Greg Fleming

The most anticipated app in recent memory is the upcoming Covid Vaccination passport app which it seems will be called My Vaccine Pass. That’s the…

We’re witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook

Greg Fleming

Yes, you read that right – it may take a decade or so – but I’m calling it.  Facebook – the social media platform du…

Digital Provenance – what it is and why it’s important to you…

Greg Fleming

Many will be familiar with the idea of provenance in art; the provenance is the documentation that authenticates a particular piece of art. Digital provenance…

Is Facebook even worse than we imagined?

Greg Fleming

Even those of us who follow the travails of Facebook closely were rocked earlier this month by the revelations uncovered by ex-Facebook employee turned whistleblower,…