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Rahul Sunilkumar 20/07/2021

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iOS 14.7: Support for Magsafe battery + updates to HomePod

Rahul Sunilkumar 20/07/2021

Apple released iOS 14.7 to the public just as the new MagSafe battery pack hits the stores. This new update focuses on hardware and accessory...

Apple releases $169 MagSafe iPhone Battery Pack

Rahul Sunilkumar 14/07/2021

Apple has released the MagSafe Battery Pack, a NZ$169 external battery that snaps to the back of the iPhone 12 series.  The new MagSafe Battery...

How to change currency (to NZD) on Amazon?

Rahul Sunilkumar 13/07/2021

With Amazon’s Australia store delivering to New Zealand, Kiwis can now have thousands of products delivered to their doorstep in 4-5 days instead of waiting...

72 terabits per second internet cable lands at Takapuna Beach

Rahul Sunilkumar 29/06/2021

The New Zealand segment of a new high-capacity trans-pacific submarine cable (Southern Cross NEXT cable) by Southern Cross Cables landed at Takapuna Beach today morning....

Volkswagen plans to stop selling combustion engine vehicles by 2035

Rahul Sunilkumar 28/06/2021

Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen’s board member for sales, told the newspaper that the company would “exit the business with internal combustion engine cars in Europe between...

Activists use Blockchain to restore Apple Daily in Hong Kong

Rahul Sunilkumar 28/06/2021

Hong Kong’s cyber-activists are working to save, and republish, the now shut down pro-democratic news tabloid, Apple Daily, by backing up its articles on the...

The ₿ Word: An initiative to “destigmatize” Bitcoin

Rahul Sunilkumar 25/06/2021

Some of the world’s most influential Bitcoin enthusiasts will be hosted by the Crypto Council of Innovation to help destigmatize mainstream narratives about Bitcoin. This...

Fitness+ gets 10 new Time to Walk episodes

Rahul Sunilkumar 25/06/2021

Apple announced an update to its Fitness+ feature for the Apple Watch, with new episodes of Time to walk, a new Artist Spotlight weekly series,...

5 BIGGEST announcements from Microsoft’s Windows 11 event

Rahul Sunilkumar 25/06/2021

Microsoft officially unveiled its latest OS, Windows 11 (yes, the name is now official), today’s Microsoft Event. Key Info: Android apps now integrated into Windows...

ANZ lets you send ‘A pulse of support’ to New Zealand’s Olympians

Rahul Sunilkumar 24/06/2021

Today, ANZ sent out an email to customers informing them of their Support band to support our Olympic team at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. The...