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Michael Botur 15/09/2021

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Auckland blockchain company offers $500K in grants to build apps on its ecosystem

Michael Botur 15/09/2021

Auckland-based blockchain company, CENNZnet – the public blockchain company behind Centrality’s staking token currency known as CENNZ – has announced a pool of grants worth...

Dan Carter’s NFT marketplace, Glorious.digital, is carbon neutral

Michael Botur 14/09/2021

The online marketplace Glorious.digital, launched by a team of founders including three-time World Rugby Player of the year Dan Carter, is carbon neutral, thanks to...

Analysis: What to make of today’s DDoS attacks on major NZ websites

Michael Botur 08/09/2021

DDoS attacks were launched today against a number of New Zealand departments and companies, causing website outages. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, and...

Amazon is launching its own TVs, linking hardware and software like Apple

Michael Botur 06/09/2021

Rumours suggest Amazon is planning to launch Amazon-branded ‘Basics’ television sets in the United States as soon as October. The sets can be thought of...

Untamed Isles: Tauranga game studio Phat Loot smashes Kickstarter goal

Michael Botur 06/09/2021

A Tauranga game development studio which began collecting pledges on Kickstarter ten days ago has smashed through its target in four days, raising over $NZ330,000...

Vodafone’s eSIMs delayed until 2022

Michael Botur 02/09/2021

Vodafone’s eSIMs won’t be available until 2022. The telco had originally planned to roll out its eSIMs for “mid-2020” but pushed its release date back...

Veteran Kiwi writer Simon Sweetman tried Substack – here’s his verdict

Michael Botur 01/09/2021

Since March 2021, music and pop culture essayist Sweetman has been publishing on Substack multiple times a week – often nearly every day. He told...

Scams & cyberbullying on the rise during lockdown

Michael Botur 31/08/2021

An influx of online harm incidents is expected during the current Covid lockdown, if results from last year’s lockdowns repeat.  Online safety bureau Netsafe announced...

How busy is NZ Post? By the numbers

Michael Botur 31/08/2021

With 1.5 million Aucklanders locked down, online shopping is up – and that’s putting pressure on NZ Post, as the company says it expects another...

Swyftx begins crypto trading in NZ

Michael Botur 31/08/2021

The NZ arrival crypto exchange Swyftx today should increase the number of cryptocurrencies available through an NZ-registered exchange by 70%. In Australia, 5000 Kiwis already...