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Lucy Mullinger 30/08/2021

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Kiwi Youtuber remakes The Simpsons – Hit and Run in a week

Lucy Mullinger 30/08/2021

A remake of the popular 2003 action/adventure game The Simpsons Hit & Run game has rocked the world of video game enthusiasts and it only...

Annie Taunga – Behind the scenes at Weta Digital

Lucy Mullinger 26/08/2021

The Lord of the Rings holds a special place in Annie Taunga’s heart; it was her first visual effects project and the first time she...

NZ first nation to join Smart Cities programme

Lucy Mullinger 13/08/2021

New Zealand has become the first nation in the world to have all of its local Council’s join the Smart Cities Council (SCCANZ). This means...

Jannat Maqbool: My career in tech

Lucy Mullinger 29/07/2021

The technology industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades, however, only 26 per cent of employees are females. With this in mind, Techwomen...

UberEats vs Delivereasy vs Menulog: Which food-delivery app is the best value?

Lucy Mullinger 29/06/2021

There are three main delivery apps for Kiwi consumers to choose from. The question is, do they all deliver the same value for money? Menulog...

Why the tech industry could do more to help close the gender gap

Lucy Mullinger 16/06/2021

In 1843, mathematician and writer Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace wrote the first computer algorithm. It can only be assumed she would have expected...