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Best Antivirus Software NZ (2023)

Darragh Murphy 23/03/2023

The best antivirus software NZ will keep your phone, tablet and computer safe from malware and more. Find out what's best for you.

Netflix NZ password-sharing crackdown begins – what you need to know

Darragh Murphy 11/02/2023

Netflix is making sharing accounts a whole lot harder, as the big password-sharing crackdown we all feared has begun. That’s right; unless you’re sharing a...

Exclusive: Bitdefender antivirus is so good ‘even our competitors use us’

Darragh Murphy 11/02/2023

Bitdefender’s Director of Threat Research Bogdan Botezatu explains the need to educate everyone on even the simplest cyberattacks, dealing with up to 550 new threats...

Samsung Galaxy S23 hands-on: It isn’t all about looks

Darragh Murphy 02/02/2023

theBit gets a hands-on first look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus, and they come with a subtle design shake-up that makes...

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands-on: More of the same?

Darragh Murphy 02/02/2023

theBit gets a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but is it all that different from the S22 Ultra? Let’s find out. The...

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra first look: Prepare for RTX 4070 power

Darragh Murphy 02/02/2023

theBit checks out the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 lineup, including the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, boasting up to RTX 4070 GPU power. Samsung is a...

Exclusive: James Dyson deliberately ignores trends – here’s why

Darragh Murphy 31/01/2023

“People put up with awful products because there’s nothing better.” Dyson founder Sir James Dyson exclusively reveals why he has no interest in following trends...