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Cybella Maffitt 29/09/2021

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In praise of the library Makerspace: why accessible tech is more important than ever

Cybella Maffitt 29/09/2021

In a time where we’ve been more online than ever, one thing has been made abundantly clear: access to technology isn’t just a luxury anymore,...

What to look for at this year’s New Zealand Game Developers’ Conference

Cybella Maffitt 29/07/2021

Curious about this year’s New Zealand Game Developers Conference (NZGDC)?  Whether an industry novice or a seasoned pro, the conference is a wonderful hub for...

Green MP: Rocket Lab’s work for US Army needs regulation

Cybella Maffitt 22/07/2021

In a world where data is rapidly becoming the most powerful weapon, Rocket Lab’s cooperation with foreign militaries – where they fulfil private contracts launching...

Ollie Hill has worked at HP for 20 years…now he’s in charge (and he has plans)

Cybella Maffitt 30/06/2021

Most international tech companies exist in the abstract; big, sleek organizations removed from the New Zealand community. Yet Oliver Hill, the Country Manager of HP...