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Alan Martin 09/02/2023

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Apple’s first foldable might not be an iPhone

Alan Martin 07/11/2022

To date, Apple has shown no interest in making its best-selling smartphones fold.  You could argue it doesn’t really need to, given there are over...

Tech collab silly season is here again with this hideous smart luggage

Alan Martin 04/11/2022

Almost exactly a year ago, I was writing about a truly hideous Gucci Xbox Series X and a NZ$3,000 Mario watch. Now, one of the...

PSVR 2 will cost more than a PS5

Alan Martin 02/11/2022

We’re coming up to the second year anniversary of the PS5 being available to buy — something that may surprise those who haven’t been able...

It looks like there’ll be no more Macs in 2022

Alan Martin 31/10/2022

Back in February, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said he expected seven new Macs in 2022, and so far we’ve only had three. To round that up,...

Elon Musk now owns Twitter

Alan Martin 28/10/2022

What do you buy the man who has everything? A social network seems like a safe bet, especially if the man in question has a...

The Meta Quest 3 headset will arrive next year

Alan Martin 27/10/2022

If, understandably, you don’t fancy spending NZ$2,699.99 on the new Meta Quest 3 headset to mess around in a metaverse that’s struggling to convince the...

This is why Apple forced U2 onto peoples’ iPods

Alan Martin 24/10/2022

Remember when Apple decided that what your music collection was really missing was a set of U2 songs? U2 music that Metro Mag would ultimately...

Older iPads get a $149 New Zealand price hike

Alan Martin 19/10/2022

Yesterday, Apple introduced a couple of new iPads to its range: the M2-powered iPad Pro (starting at $1,649) and a refreshed entry-level iPad (from $899)....

Look at Motorola’s clever rollable phone and laptop concepts

Alan Martin 18/10/2022

Last month we got a look at what might have been for LG, had it not decided to get out of a smartphone market that...

Your old iPad could become a smart screen in 2023

Alan Martin 17/10/2022

As well as mentioning that new iPad Pros will arrive any day now, the latest edition of Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter features...