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Alan Martin 09/02/2023

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Pong is now 50 years old

Alan Martin 30/11/2022

There are certain milestones which make you feel depressingly old. A friend recently told me that if the Smashing Pumpkins had released their hit 1979...

Elon Musk may make his own phone if Twitter is banned

Alan Martin 28/11/2022

Intent on throwing more paraffin on the dumpster fire that Twitter has become, new owner Elon Musk has recently announced an amnesty on accounts that...

This golfing robot can putt with a little help from Kinect

Alan Martin 25/11/2022

It may look more like a golf cart than the golfers that sit in them, but this robot is actually pretty handy at putting. The...

Microsoft Xbox seems to have low self esteem

Alan Martin 24/11/2022

For a company with a ludicrous NZ$100 billion to splash on Activision Blizzard, Microsoft’s Xbox division sure seems to have self-esteem issues when comparing itself...

LG’s new car speakers could fit inside a headrest

Alan Martin 22/11/2022

The car isn’t exactly the ideal place to listen to the latest album — especially if you enjoy the simple pleasures of concentrating on the...

Facebook finally embraces the concept of TMI

Alan Martin 18/11/2022

Facebook has finally decided that not everyone’s biography justifies more than a perfunctory single line.  After over a decade of asking people’s political viewpoint, religion...

This is what will power 2023’s Android flagships

Alan Martin 16/11/2022

Having reviewed smartphones for many years, I can say that benchmarking them is necessary, but generally pointless. That’s because, unlike laptops and game consoles, they...

We’ll never get that Facebook smartwatch

Alan Martin 14/11/2022

In the extremely unlikely event that you were excited about your next watch not being made by Timex or Seiko, but Facebook owner Meta, we’ve...

This New Zealander’s Chrome plug-in will tell you which Twitter users have more money than sense

Alan Martin 11/11/2022

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks since Elon Musk was forced to follow through with his misguided plan to buy Twitter, and I suspect that...

Oculus founder mods a VR headset to optionally kill

Alan Martin 08/11/2022

What is it about virtual reality that brings out the masochism of people? We’ve already seen VR mods that can make the wearer feel pain...