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Alan Martin 30/03/2023

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Cryptocurrency value surges as Amazon job ad spotted

Alan Martin 27/07/2021

Update: Amazon has issued a fairly blunt denial to the City AM story that it planned to accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. “Notwithstanding our...

Samsung to throw everything at the wall with Galaxy Unpacked, but will anything stick?

Alan Martin 24/07/2021

What are you doing in three weeks’ time? Samsung hopes that on Wednesday 11 August you’ll be tuned in to the company’s live stream for...

Microsoft survey shows tech support scammers have got better at hooking victims

Alan Martin 24/07/2021

Curious as to the number of people who have been impacted by ‘support call scammers’, Microsoft has enlisted the help of YouGov, the polling company...

Google’s Wear OS 3 announcement is a reason to hold fire on your smartwatch plans

Alan Martin 23/07/2021

Google has quietly produced a bit of documentation to inform Wear OS smartwatch owners of when they can expect an upgrade to the next version,...

The iPhone SE 3 set to prove looks aren’t everything

Alan Martin 22/07/2021

Generally speaking, “iPhone” and “good value” aren’t usually found in the same sentence, but the $749 iPhone SE actually puts almost every other smartphone in...

Commuters rejoice: the Bose QuietComfort 45 just appeared in FCC listing

Alan Martin 21/07/2021

When Bose released the QuietComfort 35 headphones in 2015, the company realised something important: sound quality is all very well and good, but blocking out...

Jeff Bezos accepts critics have a point (as he prepares to blast off to space)

Alan Martin 20/07/2021

You wait years for billionaires to literally up sticks and leave the planet, and then two do it at once – albeit, temporarily. Fresh off...

When Yahoo almost saved the world from Facebook

Alan Martin 19/07/2021

Hard as it is to believe, there was a time when Yahoo nearly saved the world. Not with useful search results, you understand, but by...

Valve’s Steam Deck is a PC gaming Switch rival

Alan Martin 17/07/2021

It seems Valve really will do literally anything to avoid making Half Life 3 or a new Left 4 Dead game. The company has now...

Move over, Xbox: Netflix has plans in the gaming space

Alan Martin 16/07/2021

Unless you get a weird joy from pressing the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ button next to the latest show, nobody would claim that Netflix...