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Alan Martin 09/02/2023

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Two charged for hacking Ring doorbells to watch swattings live

Alan Martin 23/12/2022

Need a feel-good story to put you in the Christmas spirit? Turn around now: nothing good lies beyond this paragraph. According to the California’s Justice...

We may have seen the last iPhone SE

Alan Martin 22/12/2022

Bad news for Apple fans on a budget — surely the most masochistic of Apple fan, considering the company’s prices. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks...

Elon Musk offers resignation via Twitter poll; Twitter accepts

Alan Martin 20/12/2022

Fifty days into the job, Elon Musk has offered his resignation as CEO of Twitter. He did this, as he seems to conduct all of...

Valve isn’t done with the Steam Deck

Alan Martin 17/12/2022

Anyone who ever bought a Steam Controller, Steam Link or still tries to play Team Fortress 2 will know that, historically, long-term support isn’t exactly...

Apple may allow third-party app stores to appease the EU

Alan Martin 15/12/2022

Apple must really be beginning to dislike the European Union. It’s having to give up on its beloved Lightning port on iPhones due to EU...

The iPhone’s Lightning cable has 747 days to live

Alan Martin 13/12/2022

The end is nigh for Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable. Last year, the European Union proposed that all phones should adopt USB-C — the standard used...

Those horrifying Dyson headphones cost an absolute fortune

Alan Martin 09/12/2022

Back in March, and upsettingly close to April Fool’s Day for those of us deciding what to write about, Dyson announced a pair of headphones...

Apple adds 700 new app price points

Alan Martin 07/12/2022

Over the course of its 14-year history, Apple’s App Store prices have only gone one way. Currently, the cheapest paid app the company allows is...

The SMS text message is 30

Alan Martin 05/12/2022

Happy 30th birthday to the SMS text message!  Ironically for a format that’s frequently used for forgotten birthdays in lieu of a card, the venerable...

Huawei’s next smartwatch will pack built-in earbuds

Alan Martin 02/12/2022

While most manufacturers are trying to find a way of slimming down their smartwatches without nuking the battery life, Huawei has decided to take a...