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Alan Martin 04/02/2023

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Google could have a foldable Pixel 6 in the works

Alan Martin 14/08/2021

A few weeks ago, Google surprised everyone by tweeting the first details of its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones without any prompting whatsoever. ...

If you’re over 30, it’s safer not to use emoji

Alan Martin 13/08/2021

Language can be a tricky thing, even when there shouldn’t be any ambiguity at all. Case in point, during a 1977 jaunt to Poland, President...

This imitation Netflix is a tribute to the best fake movies

Alan Martin 13/08/2021

For plenty of us, actually watching stuff on Netflix is a surprisingly small percentage of time spent on the app. The rest is spent scrolling...

Colourful MacBook Airs could be on the way

Alan Martin 12/08/2021

If you go to buy a MacBook Air today, you have three choices: space grey (grey), silver (shiny grey) or gold (ostentatiously not grey). But...

Doctors trial artificial intelligence that promises to spot dementia in a day

Alan Martin 11/08/2021

While artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied almost everywhere, by far the most exciting field for my money is medicine. AI’s inhuman ability to absorb...

Apple gets on the defensive over child abuse photo scanning plans

Alan Martin 10/08/2021

Last week, Apple put a dent in its reputation for privacy by announcing that it would begin scanning photos uploaded to iCloud for child sexual...

Samsung wants to make foldables mainstream, but can a folding phone beat my apathy?

Alan Martin 06/08/2021

Samsung wants to make foldables go mainstream. The fact that this ambition was nestled in the middle of a 2,097-word press release about the company’s...

The Pixel 5a is reportedly coming this month (but you’ll struggle to buy one – sorry)

Alan Martin 06/08/2021

While all attention may be on the “expensive” Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it seems that Google may slip a cheaper phone out later this...

Sony’s PlayStation 5 virtual reality plans leak from dev briefing

Alan Martin 06/08/2021

Good news for people wanting to escape reality from the comfort of their own living room. The first details of Sony’s PlayStation 5 virtual reality...

Bad news: the Google Pixel 6 Pro is going to be pricey

Alan Martin 05/08/2021

Guessing the price of the next Apple, Samsung or Sony flagship is a fairly straightforward guessing game: go high. Over optimistically high, in the case...