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Alan Martin 04/02/2023

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Original iPhone to fetch over NZ$78,000 at auction

Alan Martin 04/02/2023

As a rule of thumb, when you buy a bit of consumer tech, its value has already dropped before you even return to your car....

iPhone designer Jony Ive has rebuilt the Red Nose

Alan Martin 02/02/2023

Jony Ive – the designer known for the iPhone and Mac’s iconic look, and not to be confused with Short Circuit’s Johnny Five – parted...

Samsung Galaxy S23 specs leak in full

Alan Martin 31/01/2023

If you were to ask a Samsung executive about the Galaxy S23, the official line would be “you must mean the S22, because there’s no...

Coca-Cola could have its own smartphone soon

Alan Martin 26/01/2023

Between ‘free’ apps choc-a-bloc with ads, the Google ads that follow you around the internet and the ‘word from our sponsors’ that punctuate podcasts and...

Garmin is finally getting on the AFib detection trend

Alan Martin 25/01/2023

It’s been five years since Tim Cook boasted that the Apple Watch 4 would be able to detect atrial fibrillation (or AFib to give it...

Big tech kicks off 2023 with… mass redundancies

Alan Martin 24/01/2023

Anybody who thought big tech might be as recession-proof as medicine, education and funeral services has just been proved decidedly wrong, with Google, Microsoft and...

Apple quietly ups the HomePod mini’s New Zealand price

Alan Martin 21/01/2023

Earlier this week, Apple introduced new Macs and the long-rumoured return of the HomePod.  The new version of Apple’s original smart speaker, Apple says, will...

New MacBook Pro introduces M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

Alan Martin 18/01/2023

Get ready to go into your overdraft, Mac fans. Apple has just revealed a refresh of the 14- and 16in MacBook Pro, which packs the...

We might still see a Samsung Galaxy S22 FE

Alan Martin 17/01/2023

If you’re one of the literally dozens of people clamouring for Samsung to release a Galaxy S22 FE handset, you may have already given up...

Nvidia’s AI can make you maintain ‘eye contact’ on video calls

Alan Martin 14/01/2023

As we proved beyond all doubt during the pandemic, video calls are a poor substitute for actually seeing people in person. But one of the...