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Alan Martin 30/03/2023

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WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages could soon get more organised

Alan Martin 30/03/2023

I’m one of those oddballs that’s somewhat obsessive about their WhatsApp message history. You simply can’t put a price on the smugness from being able...

Energy-guzzling TikTok could hurt Ukraine’s defence

Alan Martin 28/03/2023

Mind-numbing TikTok videos may not be good for productivity or the intellectual health of society, but it turns out they could be indirectly helpful to...

Pebble’s creators want to make small phones great again

Alan Martin 24/03/2023

When even Apple — the company that somehow managed to normalise wandering around with AirPods in your ears — can’t sell small phones, you would...

Glaze will stop AI copying artists

Alan Martin 22/03/2023

The idea that AI will kill jobs has been around for as long as I’ve been writing about tech, but 2023 has certainly accelerated things. ...

Microsoft wants its Xbox app store on your iPhone

Alan Martin 21/03/2023

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft: it really, really wants to be part of the smartphone party, no matter how many times it slinks...

A folding iPhone could react to survive drops

Alan Martin 18/03/2023

As anybody who has ever sat through an aeroplane safety briefing will know, the brace position can limit the damage should you come hurtling to...

The Pixel 8 could be a phone for smaller pockets

Alan Martin 16/03/2023

In recent years, phones have kept getting bigger. Consumers seem to have decided that the benefits of having something light and compact are less important...

Your next HomePod might have a screen

Alan Martin 14/03/2023

The advent of smart speakers was a bold attempt to give us the convenience of internet stuff without the tempting distractions of a screen. Simply...

Apple Music Classical is coming this month

Alan Martin 11/03/2023

Trying to find classical music on Spotify is like finding a classy needle in the world’s biggest haystack. Classical music, by its nature, simply doesn’t...

Apple gives the iPhone 14 a bright yellow makeover

Alan Martin 09/03/2023

We’re about halfway through the iPhone 14’s inevitable journey from ‘new and shiny’ to ‘old hat’ thanks to the arrival of its even shinier successor....