The story so far…

theBit.nz launched in June 2021 with the simple aim of helping Kiwis understand the NZ technology industry better. We’re still working on that.

About our audience

Below is a quick look at the metrics of who is reading theBit.nz

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Here’s a quick glance of what sections are the most popular on theBit.nz


Note that these numbers only tell half (if that) of the story. theBit has a content partnership with Stuff.co.nz which means our content is put in front of over 2,000,000 Kiwis daily.

As proud as we are of our audience numbers, in truth, they don’t tell the whole story. Advertising to datasets doesn’t consider the most important metric. 


theBit doesn’t chase clicks. theBit doesn’t write about The Bachelor, or The Royal Family, or any of that sort of guff. It’s a deliberate choice we made at launch. The role of theBit is to help our readers understand the technology industry better, and, in turn, make informed buying decisions. 

This makes our audience a really valuable one. 

The vast majority of people reading technology news, reviews and “best of” content are doing so because they’re about to make a purchase. And we’re here to support that buying journey. 

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On-page ads can only achieve so much. Working with our writers is a great way to get your message across.


Licence a quote, or review star rating from theBit.nz

Give customers the confidence they need to make the correct buying decision and licence a quote, or review star rating, from theBit.

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We work with the biggest brands

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Sony, Samsung, Oppo, HP, Dell, Dyson…

…to name a few. 

The biggest companies in the world recognise the value of our work. Get in touch with david.court@thebit.nz to see how you can work with theBit too.